"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade", said president Kennedy on September 12th 1962. He indicated 'what' he wanted and when. Subsequently he put NASA to work to think of a way 'how' they should do it. Seven years later on July 21st 1969 they let Neil Armstrong just 'do' it.


Possibly you have a goal that is slightly less ambitious, 

has a shorter time schedule and with a budget that is a fraction smaller. Still it is important to follow the steps 'what, how, do'. You will have your concrete IT result delivered with the requested scope, on time and within budget using DirectIT project management.


DirectIT has been founded by Joost de Haan. With this DirectIT's international experience includes banking projects in Germany and Belgium. This has been supplemented by experience as a trainer in the USA.


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